Table Display Cases for Trinity College Oxford

In October we received an email from the Senior Conservator for Oxford Conservation Consortium with a short brief for table cases that were required for the display of library and archive material within a historic library setting at Trinity College in Oxford.

7 table cases to accommodate library and archive material which included open books and manuscripts placed on foam supports. The hoods needed to be a minimum of 30cm high from the base to glazing.


Trinity College Oxford, Old Library, between presses.


  • Dimensions:
    6 cases 80 x 60 x 30cm and 75cm from floor level.
    1 case 100 x 70 x 30cm and 100cm from floor level.
  • They will be located in a secure area, case locks will be required but bandit proof glazing will not be necessary.
  • Portability would be an advantage, especially of the smaller cases.
  • The room will have very limited light levels so light control is not important.
  • Internal case lighting might be desirable (? LEDs) and electric supply is readily available nearby, this would not be wired in.
  • Internal environmental control will not be necessary as the material in the cases will mainly be drawn from the Old Library.
  • Alarms will not be required.
  • Access should be possible for a single person working alone and with sufficient accessibility to allow placing of an open book on supports.
  • Possible option for one case to have cupboard/pull out drawers beneath?

Take a look at the photos that show the location where the cases are required. The cases would replace the three legged reading lecterns.

Martyn, the Museum and Conservation Specialist at Access Displays took on the project and communicated with Celia at Oxford Conservation Consortium and Sharon, the College Librarian from the library to say this is something we can help with.

Following various phone conversations and e-mail correspondence a site visit was arranged at the end of November to discuss with the team at Trinity, the various options available, with regards to specifications and finishes to the cases, we also took measurements of the space and access into the building, to ensure what was proposed could be delivered fully assembled, with the minimum of disruption once the units were complete.

In March, we received sign off on the quotation and production began for the 7 table cases, featuring a Chocolate Brown finish, to perfectly match the library environment. In early May we delivered the bespoke table cases to the library. Once the cases were installed, we were delighted to receive the below testimonial from the client.

“I think the new cabinets fit in beautifully – very unobtrusive and very easy to open and close. The delivery went really smoothly and I hope that both ‘creators / deliverers’ thought the cases looked good. They took some photos at the time, but we are due to have 200 visitors this weekend…so will send you some photos with library full of people. We’ll also be opening for college librarians and archivists in June – so they will get plenty of Oxford viewers!

Do feel free to visit them in situ whenever you like! Thank you for all your help and hard work on this project – it is really appreciated. They serve the intended purpose and look lovely. The colour works very well. Will definitely send on any photos I have.

The Fellow Librarian thought they were perfect!”

Sharon Cure, College Librarian – Trinity College Oxford

Robin Hood mannequin display case
great st marys custom showcase with bible
trinity college oxford display case 4

Trinity College Oxford