• Bespoke notice board designs – Owl, Tree and Butterfly

    custom notice boards
  • Custom notice board – Fire Board

    bespoke notice board - 5
  • Bespoke Noticeboard for Winterton Church of England Infant School

    bespoke notice board - winterton
  • Bespoke hospital notice board

    bespoke notice board - 9
  • Bespoke notice board for children’s centre

    bespoke notice board - 4
  • Bespoke felt notice board

    bespoke notice board - 8
  • Bespoke fabric notice board

    bespoke notice board - 10
  • Custom notice board supplied with lettering

    bespoke notice board - 11
  • Custom church notice board

    bespoke notice board - 7
  • Bespoke menu notice board

    bespoke notice board - 6
  • Bespoke notice board with literature dispensers

    bespoke notice board - 2
  • Bespoke weather proof notice board

    bespoke notice board - 3

Custom Noticeboards

We have the design and manufacturing capabilities to meet your exacting specifications for customized notice boards at almost any size to almost any specification- be they large volumes or “one – offs.”

Custom notice boards can be a very effective and economical way for communicating such things as sales or production targets, campaign success or for displaying important information in a unique way.

With a wide range of surfaces to choose from you can design your boards to include a variety of different surfaces or include printed graphic areas for those permanent messages or for branding.

Boards can be framed using lots of different profiles shapes and colours or they can be frameless or even lockable.
Our custom notice boards are used in hospital and doctors waiting areas, staff rooms and school corridors and production areas for example.
The easiest way to explain your ideas is for you to send us a simple sketch. It doesn’t matter how good it is so don’t worry and it doesn’t need to be to scale or in colour. This will give us an idea of what you are looking to produce so that we can give you an estimate before you decide to proceed.

For more information call us on 01793 613088 or complete our enquiry form.

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We also offer a range of off the shelf and made to order notice boards to order online. Take a look at our shop: