Lounge Furniture Hire

Lounge Furniture Hire

High quality lounge furniture hire for small local events and also large events.

Do you attend events at any of the major venues in London, Birmingham, Manchester? We may be able to offer free delivery to these events if we are already in attendance.

We offer over 150,000 furniture items ranging from chairs and sofas, to stools and tables. Whether you need lounge, cafe or bar style furniture, look no further than Access Displays. We also offer items for hire such as glass display cases and literature stands.

Available for short or long term hire with discounts offered on bulk orders. We’re sure to have something suitable for your event. Please get in touch to discuss your furniture hire requirements. Call today on +44 1793 613088.

  • LS55 Leather cube hire

    Hire: LS55 / Leather Single Cube Seat

    For Hire from £69.00
  • LS04 Martina seat hire - WhiteLS04 Martina seat hire - Red

    Hire: LS04 / Martina Seat

    For Hire from £91.00
  • LS05 Martina corner unit hire - WhiteLS05 Martina corner unit hire - Red

    Hire: LS05 / Martina Corner Seat

    For Hire from £91.00
  • LS99 Evie lounge pouffe hire

    Hire: LS99 / Evie Pouffe Seat

    For Hire from £99.00
  • DE113 Bean Bag for hire

    Hire: DE113 / Bean Bag

    For Hire from £101.00
  • LS03 Stomp seat hire

    Hire: LS03 / Stomp Seat

    For Hire from £103.00
  • LS96 Milan chair for hire

    Hire: LS96 / Milan Chair

    For Hire from £110.00
  • LS30 Cuba lounge chair hire

    Hire: LS30 / Cuba Chair

    For Hire from £124.00
  • LS45 Pentagon lounge pouffe hire

    Hire: LS45 / Pentagon Pouffe Seat

    For Hire from £124.00
  • LS16 Florence chair hire - WhiteLS16 Florence chair hire - Black

    Hire: LS16 / Florence Chair

    For Hire from £124.00
  • LS46 Loft Chair for hire - GreyLS46 Loft Chair for hire - Blue

    Hire: LS36 / Loft Chair

    For Hire from £131.00
  • DE111 Swan chair hire - Black

    Hire: DE111 / Swan Chair

    For Hire from £173.00
  • LS17 Florence sofa hire

    Hire: LS17 / Florence Sofa

    For Hire from £184.00
  • LS37 Loft Sofa for hire - GreyLS37 Loft Sofa for hire - Blue

    Hire: LS37 / Loft Sofa

    For Hire from £193.00
  • LS93 Chesterfield lounge armchair hire

    Hire: LS93 / Chesterfield Armchair

    For Hire from £255.00
  • LS89 Sun lounge armchair hire

    Hire: LS89 / Leather Sun Armchair

    For Hire from £276.00
  • LS59 Livvi sofa hire

    Hire: LS59 / Livvi Sofa

    For Hire from £284.00
  • DE103 Evie lounge arm chair hire

    Hire: DE103 / Evie Armchair

    For Hire from £285.00
  • ls72 matilda armchair hire

    Hire: LS72 / Matilda Armchair

    For Hire from £331.00
  • DE104 Evie lounge 2 seater sofa hire

    Hire: DE104 / Evie 2 Seater Sofa

    For Hire from £356.00
  • LS94 Chesterfield 2 seater sofa hire

    Hire: LS94 / Chesterfield 2 Seater Sofa

    For Hire from £364.00
  • LS70 Oslo lounge armchair hire

    Hire: LS70 / Oslo Armchair

    For Hire from £378.00
  • LS90 Sun 2 seater lounge sofa hire

    Hire: LS90 / Leather Sun Sofa

    For Hire from £384.00
  • LS95 Chesterfield 3 seater sofa hire

    Hire: LS95 / Chesterfield 3 Seater Sofa

    For Hire from £429.00
  • DE105 Evie lounge 3 seater sofa hire

    Hire: DE105 / Evie 3 Seater Sofa

    For Hire from £435.00
  • ls73 matilda sofa hire

    Hire: LS73 / Matilda Sofa

    For Hire from £481.00
  • LS71 Oslo 2 seater sofa hire

    Hire: LS71 / Oslo 2 Seater Sofa

    For Hire from £521.00
  • ls82 bergen sofa hire

    Hire: LS82 / Bergen Sofa

    For Hire from £538.00
  • LS66 Maison Sofa for hire - Blue VelvetLS66 Maison Sofa for hire - Black Leather

    Hire: LS66 / Maison Sofa

    For Hire from £580.00
  • LS76 hush high back sofa

    Hire: LS76 / Hush High Back Sofa

    For Hire from £943.00