Museum Display Solutions

As corporate members of the Museums Association, we provide high quality museum displays. Including museum grade glass display cabinets. We install many cabinets around the UK to hold national and local treasures. We design display cases to protect artefacts in public and also private collections.

Our manufacturing facility allows us to deliver a completely bespoke service. We offer modern museum requirements, including:

  • Humidifiers
  • Push to open and close drawers
  • Specialist lighting
  • High security locks and alarms
  • UV protected glass

Museum Grade Glass Display Cases – FROM £5,000 for Retail Display cases click here.

Museums Association Commercial Member

Did you know?

We offer many styles of display cases to suit your requirements and budget.

Museum Display Projects

Government Indemnity Scheme for Gallery Displays

Often commercial insurance is expensive for heritage museums to display artefacts. And in some cases, the public do not get to see them. The Government Indemnity Scheme (GIS) is another option. It has allowed national and non-national museums to apply for funding. And it’s estimated that the scheme saves museums and galleries £15,000,000 each year. To make this possible, GIS specification display cases get built to a very high standard.

The scheme offers cost-free indemnity cover against loss or damage for items on loan. It also covers transit to and from the original venue. As well as storage, set up, display, and dismantle.

Following the standards set out in the Art Council guidelines is essential to be eligible and apply. View the GIS guidelines and how to apply.

How can we help?

First of all, we are one of very few companies in the UK that can supply GIS specification museum display cases. And we have a network of contacts to simplify the process. Including the delivery, installation and dismantle of GIS glass display cabinets. We are happy to arrange a site visit to discuss our service in more detail. During this visit we’ll measure up the proposed space for the GIS specification display case. Once the site visit is complete, our creative team will begin working on your design.

If you’re happy with the design and sign it off, we’ll proceed to the next stage. We’ll provide a schedule for build and installation of your GIS display cabinets.

Case Studies

The Rifles Museum Display Case - Before refurbishment
declaring isle of wight glass museum officially open
verulamium museum display case

Verulamium Museum

derby museum

Derby Museum

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Looking for more inspiration?

Our galleries below show some more examples to give you inspiration. Please note that many of these examples would need a site survey in order for us to provide quotations.

Floor Standing Examples

Floor showcases allow attention to focus on the exhibited items. The showcases vary according to the subject matter. The design of each museum display is according to the specification set out by the museum. And on the demands and functions required.

Built in Examples

Built-in showcases for the complete showroom. Gives an integrated and classic presentation of the object.

The design of each museum display is according to the specification set out by the museum.

Modular Examples

  • Flexibility – Allows separation and assembly into new shapes
  • Few components – 3 variants of wall, ceiling, and bottom panels and horizontal profiles. Combine these to many shapes of showcases
  • Sealed – all assemblies supplied with sealing strips
  • Security – Single units assembled with screws across the assemblies. Thus the screws would need cutting if trying to break in. Abloy security lock with hardened catches gives the most strength
  • Emission free materials including sealing strips made using silicone. Also the wooden panels are foil coated

Counter Height Examples

Counter height display cabinets are ideal for displaying museum books. As well as similar sized objects. Fabricated glazed tops allow full viewing. Also, removing the top provides access for the arranging of the exhibits.

The design of each museum display is according to the specification set out by the museum.

Wall Mounted Examples

Sealed sliding doors and a clear view.

Wall mounted museum displays complete with uninterrupted sliding doors. Allowing you to maximise the display space and impact of the exhibits. Access to these showcases is via the plain glass fronts that pull forward and then slide to the side.

The design of each museum display is according to the specification set out by the museum.

High Security Examples

Looking after some of the world’s most valuable treasures and artefacts? This requires a museum display case that is secure enough to store them. As museum exhibition design suppliers, we can help you with any requirements you have.

Available as an upright display case with a side-hinged door or as a display case on a stand.

  • All sizes in widths and heights up to 200 x 200 cm with slim aluminium profiles (70mm). High quality finish. Polished and steel grey anodising
  • No visible handles or locks with integrated hinges
  • Suspension rails for variable shelf positions
  • Portal base with concealed silica-gel drawer. Operated without affecting the case’s security zone
  • The entire side of the museum display case opens. Thus you can assemble objects outside the display case and place them in the display space
  • Designed for disassembly to allow transport through narrow corridors. Also allowing for use on global exhibit road shows
  • You can store dismantled Museum exhibition display cases in very small spaces
  • Prevent the use of a pallet truck by covering the portal base
  • The base allows attaching to the floor using concealed fittings
  • Option of integrating a light source for fibre optic lights. And concealing in the base