Derby Museum – Custom Display Case

The following photos display a collaboration of work between Access Displays and the team of enthusiasts and volunteers at the Nature Gallery at Derby Museum.

With a tag line of “notice nature, feel joy” this gallery really gets into the spirit of experiencing nature- encouraging its visitors to interact, to play with even, its specimens, props and displays. Their aim is for the display to act as a stimulus, to excite and inspire visitors to take notice of their own natural world.

Access Displays was approached to design and build one particular exhibit to house the skeleton of a hippopotamus dating from some 120,000 years ago and found locally to the museum.  After making a site visit to Derby Museum, we discussed how we could provide a solution that fitted the brief using our bespoke display case manufacturing service. During this meeting we made some adjustments to the original brief by increasing the display area to better suit the client’s needs and give them the ability to allow the case to blend in with its new surroundings.

The team at Access Displays had an enormous amount of fun working with the DM Nature Gallery and together we have produced a result that we can all be truly proud of. The approach of the gallery team was wonderful where engagement, fun, learning and inspiration were at the forefront at all times. Access Displays got involved as much as we could using social media and our own network of contacts. The gallery even had a public vote on which animal should be the new gallery mascot- Naturally Access Displays was #TeamHippo

derby museum - team hippo

We weren’t the only ones though

“Access Display has been a complete delight to work with, from our initial discussions through to design and delivery.

The ‘notice nature feel joy’ gallery is being developed and delivered with teams of volunteers, visitors and partners based on a co-production methodology.

As part of our desire to do things differently we’ve worked with people to reimagine the potential our collection has to inspire, enchant and intrigue. We’ve experimented with new ways of working and thinking throughout, from our project lab phase, where we gathered hundreds of suggestions, responses, drawings and stories to the design and development of interpretation and fixtures. The team at Access Displays were open and accessible to these ideas and keen for our one outsourced case to fit within our bespoke package of fixtures.

Martyn and John were positive, practical and considered in their approach during our initial discussions and the installation team were focused and precise. We have a beautiful, elegant case that will present our collection perfectly”

Andrea Hadley-Johnson

derby museum

Derby Museum

declaring isle of wight glass museum officially open
verulamium museum display case

Verulamium Museum