Ethical Policy

Company Background

Access Displays Ltd is a privately owned family company offering exhibition and display solutions to a global client base.
From its concept the company has strived to lead by example and work to the highest ethical policy and moral standards.
The Company appreciates the cost of exhibiting and offers its clients a “best solution” policy rather than a “best profit solution”.
At Access Displays we understand our sustainability responsibility and work to comply with BS8901.
Our aim is to make sure that our customers have successful and profitable exhibitions, whilst realising a return on their investment by working with passionate and dedicated industry professionals.

Independence (Modular displays and consumables)

As an independent and impartial supplier of modular display solutions we encourage our employees to advise potential clients on the features and benefits of products while offering them a range of solutions. This enables our customers to make informed decisions before purchase. Options may include hiring before buying, product trials or product demonstrations where appropriate.

Before making any product recommendations, our experienced sales advisors will take the following into account:

Continuity of supply
How and where the product is being used
Health and safety implications
Environmental considerations
Sustainability considerations
Length of use

Delivery Issues

In the unlikely event that products cannot be delivered on time due to late ordering or supplier problems, our sales advisors are instructed to find an alternative short term solution. This may include recommending an alternative product or a hire solution from our own stock.

Where it is obvious that the client is not at fault, we will bear the cost. Once our staff are happy that they have temporarily resolved the immediate problem and our client is satisfied, the issue is escalated to their sales supervisor who will endeavour to make sure that the original goods are received.

Design and Build

Although we work in an industry where our clients expect individual and dynamic designs we will recycle and reuse as many elements as possible into future designs in order to reduce waste and extend product life as stated in our sustainability policy.

Receipt of Gifts or Favours

Employees must not accept or solicit gifts or favours.
Reasonable small tokens and hospitality may be accepted provided they do not place the recipient under any obligation.
It is customary in the UK for some suppliers and clients to give small gifts at Christmas time such as chocolates and wine. In these circumstances all gifts are collected centrally and distributed equally amongst the staff.

Supporting Charities and the Local Community

We appreciate the importance of charity organisations within the local community. Where possible we will support them by offering products and services at cost, or on loan or free of charge, at our discretion. In return we may ask the charity or organisation to add a link to our web site from their site.

The company has a policy of not sending out Christmas cards. Instead each year a nominal sum is donated to a charity nominated by our employees. The chosen charity changes on an annual basis.

Suppliers and Other Stakeholders

As part of our ethical and sustainability strategy we have regular dialogue with our suppliers and other stakeholders to ensure that they are making attempts to replicate our own working practices. This can include requests to change product materials from existing to those that are more environmentally friendly, recyclable or sustainable. Where suppliers are importing products we request proof of province to ensure that human rights have not been breached.

We work closely with our suppliers to encourage “business partnerships” rather than traditional customer supplier relationships.