• Custom glass display case and reception desk – British Association of Dermatologists

    bespoke glass display case and reception desk
  • Built in custom glass display cabinet – Argyll and Bute Council

    built in custom glass display case - argyll and bute council
  • Built in custom glass display cabinet – Acacia Mining

    built in custom glass display case - acacia mining
  • Custom display cabinets – Harbour One

    custom display cabinets - harbour one
  • Custom display cabinet with notice boards – Great St. Mary’s University Church

    custom display cabinet with notice boards - university church
  • Custom display cabinets – Silvercrest Models

    custom display case - silvercrest models
  • Custom Display Cases for Urswick School

    custom display counter and cabinets - urswick school
  • Custom glass display cubes – Microsoft Research

    custom display cube boxes - microsoft research
  • Custom freestanding display case – Ridley Scott Exhibition

    Mannequin Display Cases
  • Custom glass cabinet with anti-bandit glass

    custom glass cabinet with anti bandit glass
  • Custom glass display cabinet – Harbour One

    Custom Glass Showcases
  • Custom glass display cabinets – Argyll and Bute Council

    custom glass display cabinets - argyll and bute council
  • Custom glass display cases – Ridley Scott Exhibition

    custom glass display cases
  • Custom glass display plinth – Ridley Scott Exhibition

    Custom Glass Showcases
  • Custom mannequin display case – Shiver Me Timbers Exhibition. Photo courtesy of Sheridan Design

    custom mannequin display case
  • Custom mannequin display cabinet – Shiver Me Timbers Exhibition. Photo courtesy of Sheridan Design

    custom mannequin display case - 2
  • Custom trophy display cases – Saracens Allianz Park Stadium

    custom trophy display cases - saracens - allianz park stadium
  • Custom wall display case

    custom wall display case

Custom Glass Showcases

If you are looking for a unique glass display to match existing decor or measurements in your shop, gallery or museum then you have come to the right place.

As one of the largest suppliers of glass display cases in the UK, we are able to offer a series of cabinets to purchase online at competitive prices for both commercial and home use. We offer a 1 man or 2 man delivery service, and also a free collection service from our warehouse in Maidenhead, UK.
For some clients we don’t have a standard glass case to fit their requirements exactly, whether due to the size of the case required, a specific design requirement, security fears, or the environment inside the case for the displayed items. For these clients we offer a full bespoke glass case solution with cabinets designed to meet their brief.

If you are looking for high security cabinets, consider our museum display cabinets, built to keep your valuables even more secure.

Just some of the ways in which custom display cases can fit your brief:

  • Laminated anti bandit glass to further deter intrusion
  • High security Abloy locks, unique to your cabinet, often needed for insurance of high value items
  • Internal alarm systems to alert nearby persons to intrusion
  • Passive or active humidity control and dust filters to protect materials that could be detrimentally effected by a poor environment
  • Our full dedicated in house project management service to see the project through from design to installation
  • Low heat and power LED lighting
  • Fabric dressed rear panels and base
  • Made to your specified dimensions in aluminium or specific wood finishes

For more information on custom glass showcases and how we can devise a solution to fit your requirements call one of our specialists on 01793 613088 or click the button below.

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