LED Display Cabinet Lighting

We offer a range of led display cabinet lighting depending on your budget and timescale, however we strongly recommend that any showcase lights are purchased with one of our cabinets so that we can offer you the best lighting option for your display case.

We provide a 2 year warranty on all of our display case LED lighting.

The benefits of LED showcase lighting are:

  • Energy efficient

    Up to 90% more energy efficient than the equivalent halogen bulb. Running costs make LED lights well worth the investment.

  • Brighter

    LED lights provide more of a white light, which not only appears brighter, but more natural, making jewellery such as diamonds or silver sparkle.

  • Durable

    LED bulbs are longer lasting, offering up to 50,000 hours of usage.

  • Cooler

    LED display case lighting gives next to no heat, and the operating temperature is much lower than halogen display cabinet lighting therefore objects are not damaged by heat.

  • Safer

    LED lights do not give out UV rays therefore they are safe to use for displaying items which have a negative effect when exposed to UV rays.

The images below show how different your display can look with our LED showcase lighting.

Halogen lighting

halogen display cabinet lighting

LED lighting

led display cabinet lighting

For more information and pricing on our LED display cabinet lighting call us on 01793 613088 or complete our contact form.

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