Social Distancing and Hygiene Solutions

Following the recent difficult times felt across the globe, the way we conduct ourselves in public and in the workplace has changed dramatically. To help with this, businesses are being encouraged to implement social distancing and hygiene solutions.

We’ve seen strict control of customer numbers in shops at any given time, one-way systems to navigate around the store, hand sanitising stations to clean your trolley or basket, and protective screens at the checkouts. This is becoming part of our new normal to protect ourselves and our colleagues and customers.

Display products and solutions are at the core of our business, so we’re perfectly suited to helping your business equip itself for the new, safer and more hygienic world we live in.

When more businesses start returning to normal operation, there will be an even higher demand for these products and solutions. For this reason, we would advise contacting us as soon as possible to ensure we can meet your requirements without any lengthy delays in production.

Keep checking back on this page as it will be frequently updated with more products and solutions.

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Our solutions include:

More Examples

For more unique and larger projects, please see the below examples of other solutions that we offer for social distancing.

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