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Commercial Interior Design

Your reception is the flag ship, it's the one area that all of your visitors enter when they come to your premises. That's why you have employed the smartest and most courteous receptionist you could find. You realise the value of first impressions and good customer service.

Unfortunately we realise that some reception areas are probably the most abused and under utilised areas within the company. Often the receptionist is sitting in a draft from the front door, whilst balancing between answering the telephone and welcoming an important visitor whilst being handed a pile of letters that need franking for tonight's post which leaves in 2 minutes!

If this sounds familiar then you are not alone. With the help of our experienced reception designers and builders we can help resolve all of the reception issues. Our reception design service starts with an initial FREE consultation meeting where we visit your premises, listen to your concerns and ideas and make recommendations.

When we are satisfied that we have a comprehensive design brief and budget and we have recorded important measurements and service points we work on producing a reception design visual. Depending on how complicated the project is we try to get back with design proposals within three weeks of the first meeting. We have experience in all areas of commercial interiors so projects vary from simple makeovers with layout changes to total reception area rebuilds. Some of our clients include Schools, local authorities and blue chip companies.

Our unique selling point is our creative design and quality of build. We are ideally situated for those clients that are looking for a reception area or commercial interior to maximise brand awareness and enhance the employee and customer experience.

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